1. Established sustainable cross-border network for culture and art, open to NGOs, institutions, informal formations and individual artista in the field of culture from EU member states and candidate countries from the Black Sea region.
  2. Established sustainable partnership between NGOs from four countires in the Black Sea region.
  3. Achieved cultural cohesion between NGOS, cultural institutions and citizens from the communities at four countires in the Black Sea region, based on mutual understanding and cultural diversity.
  4. Enhanced integration of the population in the Black Sea region based on the shared cultural heritage and traditions.
  5. Realized cultural exchange and integrated communities to the culture and the cultural traditions of the Black Sea region.
  6. Upgraded skills and knowledge and built capacity and competencies of 80 managers in the culture field in the Black Sea region.
  7. Created multicultural model foro sustainable cooperation in the cultural filed in the Black Sea region in accordance with the principles of the European Union.
  8. Interest in a long term of 200 children and youth in the culture and art of the Black Sea region.
  9. Increased interest towards the partner towns as tourist destinations as e result of the new cultural events and created network for cultural exchange.
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